Review of the Module


The editorial side of this module has widened by knowledge of different aspects of editorial. Whilst having editorial practice and experience, I learnt so much more on this module and things specifically relating to Publishing. 

I knew of different roles within Publishing, but I did not know the differences between some of them such as commissioning, assistants and those that deal with rights, contracts and even sales. 

The guest speakers which have very kindly come into university to talk to us has very much advanced on this – it was very interesting to hear from many different people in the industry and what their day-to-day life is like in their job.

Throughout this module, I practised my copy-editing, proofreading, reading contracts and getting to know the differences between the roles within editing. I think this is very useful – particularly when it comes to applying for jobs and having placements and I know will know more about the jobs and what they entail. 

Being taught by Kevin, Tony and Andrew was really valuable as each brought something different to the class each time. Hearing about their different jobs, experiences, tasks and problems was very interesting and was just as useful as the variety of assignments I completed.



During my time learning the production side of Publishing with Becky, I have developed my design skills quite quickly. At the beginning of the module in September, I had not used Photoshop or InDesign before and looking back to those first few weeks where I was just getting used to the programmes and the basic tools, I could not imagine creating the work that I have. Despite having difficulties and spending time going over things to practice, I managed to learn and get over any problems (both with Becky’s help and individually) and now I feel confident enough to show employers my work and use this software when I get in job in Publishing. The module is something which is very valuable and transferable. 

The cross-over into the other modules, especially Digital Publishing and creating an ebook, Children’s and of course the sales pack in which I am creating a UCLan Publishing catalogue and AI sheets, I feel has prepared me not only for applying for jobs but has benefited these classes in which I can apply my skills and creativity. I hope this is something which is evident in my work I have produced.

Overall, I think this module has prepared me for going into Publishing more so than I thought it would as I did not realise how important design skills were in this industry – whether it be copy-editing or producing a book cover. Along with all of the other work I have produced on this MA, I feel very happy with what I have achieved, what I have learnt and I am proud to have evidence of skills I have developed in which I can show to future employers.


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