Project Log: 26th April 2017

Today we had guest speakers – Rachel Winterbottom from Gollancz and Anne Robinette from Penguin Random House.

Anne presented to us information about the production side of publishing and what happens when books go to print. This was really interesting as the printing process is an aspect I perhaps don’t know as much about in comparison to other areas. Having a look at different book covers in detail and up close was interesting as Anne explained how to get the different finishes – such as neon, spot UV and die-cutting.

Senior Editor, Rachel, gave a useful insight to what a typical day is like for an editor. Having worked in both trade and non-fiction publishing, it was really good to listen to how these differ and how you need to adapt.

Rachel explained that when going for a job it is essential to know their lists and catalogues, how they publish it and what the publishing house is doing well. It is also good to think about your own views – could I suggest anything to improve or is there anything that is being missed?

Having a general understanding of the current markets and what is in the top 10 is so useful to knowing who is doing what and knowing what people are reading.

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