Project Log: 29th March 2017

Today, I learnt how to add a layer into an InDesign file that allows a section of the front cover design to be embossed. I can imagine how the end design will look after it has been printed.

I really like the finish and the texture of embossing. On reflection, the process is quite simple but it is just a case of understanding how the different layers work and how to manage them.


Here is a printscreen to show the different layers placed in order to create the embossing effect in InDesign.

donut layers.png

I think this task will change the way that I look at book designs – especially regarding my book cover analyses. I now understand how designers get this effect in the actual document before it gets sent to print. This is something I definitely did not know earlier. It’s really surprising to see how much of a book cover’s design work is actually done using technology.

Following on from last week, it has definitely developed my understanding on the design process as a whole – how initial ideas come together and how to develop these digitally. The process between the first thought and idea to the final product is a long one, but a very interesting and creative one at that.

Further reading:

Sarah Nichole Kaufman:


Image taken from her website here.

An example of a designer who explains her designs and finishes.

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