Project Log: 22nd March 2017

Jamie Keenan very kindly gave up his time today to speak to us and give us some different activities to do to inspire us and keep our ideas flowing.

With only a blank paper cut out of a jacket, we had sheets of black paper in which we had to cut and stick shapes out of the black paper onto the blank cover.

 We repeated the process three times – each time under different conditions.

One: 25 minutes with a blurb and title


Two: 10 minutes with a title


Three: 2 minutes with only a title.

I specifically enjoyed the last process as this gave us the opportunity to create the story in which we had behind the title and the book cover we designed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this session. It provoked new ways of approaching artistic thoughts and ideas which have already really benefitted my approach towards the design assignment. It surprised me how much I could create with such little material and the ideas I came up with – there was no over thinking which really helped my ideas surface.  The time limit and the pressure was a positive thing here – I really couldn’t restrict my ideas!

The process was something much different to any other ways that I have previously gotten inspiration and the minimalistic idea was really inspiring. When you strip back your materials and tools, it’s really amazing what you can come up with.


Some minimalistic book cover designs taken from Google images. 


More minimalistic book cover designs taken from Pinterest. 

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