Book Cover Analysis: Coffee Table

Title: Bloom
Author: Estee Lalonde
Jacket Design: Two Associates and photography by George Muncey
Publisher: Ebury Press (Imprint of Penguin Random House)
Date: 2016
Format: hardback
Cover finish: matt lamination and cloth-bound de-bossed
ISBN: 978-1-78503-365-0
Extent: 256
Spine Width: 1 inch
Age Range: 14+

Bloom is the debut non-fiction autobiography-lifestyle book from Youtuber and blogger Estee Lalonde. Bloombook

The front cover is a mixture of matt lamination and cloth bound. The picture of Estee on the cover is matt and the detail lies within the title.


As can be seen on this image, the cloth bound section of thedesign has a texture and the white title and box are printed onto the cloth. The subtitle, Navigating Life and Style, is de-bossed foil. So the text dips below the surface of the page creating 3d texture. I really like the colour choice for this – it is my favourite colour and combined with white and gold, I think it works really well for the jacket. It looks fresh, clean and reflects Estee well. The only thing I dislike about the design is the decision to put the title in lower case letters. I don’t like the way that the font looks in the lower case and I would prefer to have this in all capitals. It would then match the subtitle below.

The same layout of the different textures continues onto the back cover.


Along the blue cloth, there is a quote from the book which says:

“For me, the world ‘bloom’ encapsulates the idea that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. It’s a word that hints at becoming who you are meant to be”.

I like the concept behind the idea of this word and it obviouslu means a lot to her. I think this is good positioning of the quote by continuing on with the blue from the title on the front and giving that little extra explanation if the reader is unsure about the meaning of the title.

The blurb is quite captivating as it speaks directly to the audience by asking questions and using the pronoun “you”. In terms of the target market, I think that this fits into the demographic as I think people who are buying this book are fans of Estee, are a similar age, they are interested in her own, are aware of their own and are interested in reading about lifestyle.

There is also a small list underneath the blurb to highlight what Estee writes about. This makes the consumer aware of the contents without having to even open the book. There is the ISBN, the publisher and links to Estee’s blog, Twitter and Youtube. I think this is a really important feature – Estee has built her career around her blog and social media and you can instantly get the links to her work without having to open the book or search online. This is really helpful as it not only helps the reader if they are hearing about her for the first time but it advertises her social media presence. 17270166_10155074352288050_1587117706_n

The spine has her name on the blue section and the title on the matt lamination – they are essentially swapped around from the front cover. The gold de-bossed typography is made more prominent on the spine as the text is bigger. I really like this feature. And of course, the publisher name and logo is printed on the bottom end of the spine.


 Inside the book, the interior endpapers are a lovely shade of orange or peach. I really like this colour, and if you notice closely, it matches the jumper that Estee is wearing on the front cover. I think that this brings together nicely all of the colours used – which at first may have seemed a little random.

The binding of the book also matches the front cover – blue and white.


What I really like about this is that the pages are almost like a rainbow but you only notice this if you look carefully. The colours are very pastel-like and barely there. I am going to give a little insight into the main interiors because I love the design so much and this explains the rainbow effect.


It is a little difficult to notice on photograph, but this page is a shade of very faint pastel green and the other colours can be noticed on the previous pages. I really love the typesetting of this book. I think it has a similar feel to the front cover – fresh, minimal, clean and tidy. I like this style of typesetting and it is very appealing to those who are mad about Instagram. I think the positioning of the chapter on the side of the page is very unique and I don’t think I remember having come across that in any other book.

I’m really into this style of design – hence why I have this under coffee table. I keep this book on my bedside table as I enjoy looking at it and this it is a really pretty design!

bloom book2

Links to Estee: blog, Youtube, vlog YoutubeTwitter and Instagram.

Above photos my own.

Two Associates wesbite

More of their book designs:

A lifestyle book:


A cookbook:


Two Associates Instagram

two associates.jpg

Their style of design and book design is notably modern and realistic. I like this style. For Estee’s first book, I think that this reflects her style really well. In terms of book design, the target market, I think, would be those people similar to Estee – a good sense of style and interiors, interested in fashion and art and someone that has creative ideas.

Here is another example of a cookbook by Two Associates:


Images from their website. 

The simplicity of their designs works really well and they make really good use of colour against white and black backgrounds. I also like the typesetting and find it really clean and neat to look at – almost clinical – but not over the top. There is as much contents as you need on the page without looking overdone and messy and I also think that making use of full pages for an image is really effective. It balances out the minimal design and look of the text.

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