Project Log: 8th March 2017

Today, in preparation for the typesetting assessment, we did a task which developed on last week’s tasks.

I created a document for Jane Eyre and inserted the text. First of all, I copy-edited the text and gave them paragraph and character styles to format it. I inserted two pictures and formatted them accordingly.

Before these typesetting sessions, I did not realise how much has to be changed and edited. By looking at Nick Sharratt’s work in preparation for the assignment, I did not notice just how much the page was typeset and images and text formatted in particular ways – especially when I read them as a child and teenager. But now, when I look at them, I notice the amount of editing that has gone into each page and this is something I will continue to notice in my reading and I will take points from this when doing my own typesetting.

Before learning about this, I knew about typesetting, but I did not realise the extent of how long and how much goes into typesetting each and every page of a book. I think this is something I will now appreciate more and it has opened my mind to even more about the process of creating the final product that we hold in our hand.

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