Project Log: 1st March 2017

Becky showed gave us a brief to follow today to learn how to create the first few steps of a children’s book.

First, I created the appropriate size document and entered the grids. I placed in the text and page numbers to ensure that all of the content was on the correct pages before I began to place images.

Here are the double page spreads that I created:



I used a range of tools:

  • different paragraph and character styles
  • lines
  • shapes
  • pen tool
  • placing text on a line
  • using different layers
  • awareness of space on the page

I really enjoyed this exercise – especially creating my own pages for a children’s book. It was a good chance to put into practice what I have learnt so far. Earlier this week, I found out I am spending 8 weeks on the Children’s Marketing department at HarperCollins, so this exercise has definitely helped as a stepping stone onto building my design skills.

I have also begun to notice how my modules are overlapping and this is an example. I have realised how important Becky’s design practice is in relation to my children’s module. Design is one of, if not the, most important factor of a child’s book – this generates the appeal and tells the story through the illustrations.

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