Project Log: 15th February 2017

Today’s session was the first time I had created a book grid using InDesign and PhotoShop. I successfully created three book grids – a picture book, a paperback and a hardback.

Paperback grid:

paperback grid.jpg

As this was the first time that I have done this process, I found it easy to follow the steps for the first grid (the picture book) but the second grid (the hardback) was slightly more difficult. This was because I had to also add in a turnaround and change the spine width.

The aspect I found the most confusing was having to change the numbers which are dependent on what format the book is and having to add in the bleeds to the width and heights.

After completing the third grid (the paperback), I found the process much easier and once having getting used to how the numbers in the grid work together and why it is important. I also had a go at using one of the front covers from last week and placing this in my grid for a paperback front cover.

I also thought it was a good idea to create my grid ready for the first assignment whilst the process was fresh in my mind and to be confident with handling the documents in next week’s class.


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