Project Log: 8th February 2017

Font: Duckwash Swashes

The genre of this book is unclear due to the nature of the image used so this leaves the plot and style open to interpretation. At first, the style and the balloon made me think of Pop Art but after more thought and browsing through different fonts I chose this one. I think the font goes with the image – it is simplistic, minimal and has a similar flow and shape to the ribbon and the balloon itself.

Font: Blooms Regular

This book cover jumps out as very 1940s – the pin up girl, the dress sense and the colour scheme. I chose a font to convey this time period, the genre (women’s fiction) and the style of the art itself which appears to be hand-drawn.

Font: Dragonflight Pro Regular

This book looks like a children’s fiction or picture book. The theme is futuristic whilst being roughly illustrated at the same time. The font I chose to go with this shows these two aspects and fits in well with the illustrations. The space left for the title gives room to expand the text and make this appear as part of the illustrations.

Font: Bambusa Pro Regular

This book looks as though it is fictional and aimed at an older audience as suggested by the details, colour and place of the image. This font is simple but yet also shows a degree of detail without being over the top and making the cover too busy. To me, the cover seems quite 1980’s/9’s  and definitely not something that has been recently published and I picked this font reflecting that.

Font: Authenia

The first thought I had when seeing this front cover is the setting – light and natural. I tried to represent this in the font I have chosen. The font looks like it is hand written, it flows well and looks quite natural with a slight marker pen effect. The book is obviously fiction and I think the font alongside the image works well for this book.

Font: Mila Script Pro

The genre of this book is open to interpretation but I have interpreted this as not so much a horror, but perhaps a thriller with a slightly scary or eerie dimension. It also looks as though it may have underlying eerie religious or supernatural themes. The font I have chosen represents that and sticks to the simple art design but also having that edge to it. The flow of the letters relates well to the title and it doesn’t give too much of the plot away.

Font: Mrs Eaves Roman

The font I have chosen for this book cover reflects the topic well. It is professional, neat, detailed and it also signifies the historical context of the book. It is quite simplistic which compliments the art of the front cover. I think that anything too overpowering would take away the context and simplicity.

Fonts have been taken from My Fonts.


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