Project Log: 30th November 2016

Since a copy editor has to edit the text and fully prepare it for being typeset, I did an activity in which there was a manuscript with many errors. Using Word and ‘track changes’, I edited the manuscript to the best of my grammar and syntax knowledge.

An important note to take away is that the editor does more than edit the text. They are also responsible for the references, fact-checking and tasks outside of the manuscript which is an important thing to note. We can’t have errors in factual information in the book – this wouldn’t look good on anyone’s behalf.

Before typeset, it is important to proofread and commission other materials such as illustrations or graphics.

During all of these role, the editor must check in with the other internal departments such as marketing and commissioning and most importantly – the author. Regularly checking in with the author and keeping them in the loop with what is happening in their text is very important and all part of having a good relationship with them. This not only benefits them but also you – this is good business practice which boosts your publisher’s reputation and your own reputation if you are freelance.

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