Project Log: 25th January 2017: Introduction to Production and Graphic Design

With a career in design, Becky Chilcott focused the session on designing jackets for books and the importance of this when it comes to targeting specific audiences.

The task was to bring in the last book we read and write a book brief and think about the jacket design. I brought in Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. My thoughts initially went back to when I first saw the book on Amazon and I was instantly drawn to know what the book was about. I really like the design because of the intricate detail and the colour scheme which does not make the plot obvious.


My thoughts towards the design made me think about why the jacket is important in publishing – I also touched upon this in the Editorial project log. It has to capture the customer’s eye, reveal something about the plot (but leave some to the imagination) and be appropriate for the genre and age. This reinforced the process of thought and design that happens when producing a cover.

I have talked more about this book cover design in the analysis section here.

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