Project Log: 9th November 2016

This week was independent study. The task was to read about and makes notes on The Research Excellence Framework, or The REF, and Open Access (OA).

To summarise my findings:

The REF is a scheme that allows universities to be ranked through assessing the research produced by the staff. The assessment is done every 6 years as staff present their best work. They are then marked according to their impact outside of academia and are awarded an appropriate grade through a star scheme. The higher the mark, the higher the university’s reputation is boosted.

Open Access, in Publishing, is the removal of access restrictions to material online. This means that studies, research and work can be accessed without payment as copyright and licensing has been removed.

This allows people to read, download, email and print pieces of work very easily. Authors can choose the type of OA they want. Two examples include gratis which means there is online access free of charge and libre means free of charge but there are some usage rights attached.

Further reading:

OA Makes No SenseThe Guardian

Pros and Cons of OANature Publishing Group

REF Not Fit For Purpose – The Guardian

Abolishing REFIEA


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