Project Log: 7th December 2016

Today I have learnt about a new role – the desk editor. It revolves around organisational skills – this is a skill I have and use excellently. Tasks are often to do with time management – sticking to schedules and to do lists which include checking a number of things. The desk editor has to check files, commissioning, copyright and communicate with other departments to ensure that work is on time and not behind schedule

For a 300 page manuscript, broken down into the different stages (copy editing, proofing, typesetting, etc), would take approximately 25 weeks. This is calculated with the fact that an editor will be working on numerous books at one time. If this was the only manuscript being worked on, it would take approximately 23 days, but, in the Publishing industry, this is just not possible.

Andrew also spoke about the changes that editors make. This is a lengthy list but includes – grammar, syntax, formatting, name and fact checking, abbreviations and referencing. This is  a useful list to have for not only future reference, but also helpful to bear in mind whilst editing my own university work.

Further reading:

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