Project Log: 23rd November 2016

From the introduction to copy editing, this is a list compiled of qualities that an editor benefits from having:

  • Organisational skills – making to do lists and keeping track of work and deadlines
  • Time management – managing multiple books at one time
  • Good general knowledge – useful for name an fact checking
  • Good standard of English – this is an obvious skill needed as an editor will be checking grammar and syntax and making this a perfect standard
  • Patience – going through a manuscript which is long or a topic not in your interests can be challenging but you must persist
  • Persistent – as above
  • Imagination – editing a manuscript needs your imagination to be flowing in order to understand the author’s text and make this the best it can be.

A copy editor works for not only the publishing house but much significance lies with the relationship with the author and the connection with their work and also the reader – the audience. It is important for the editor to bear in mind what the author wants and how they want the book to be and not to steer too far away from the author’s original work.

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