Project Log: 16th November 2016

We recapped on the whole process of publishing a book. From the very beginning to the end. We went around the class and each person had to say which step followed on from the previous. For example, from finding the book to the AI sheet.

Regarding the independent research from reading week, Tony opened up debates for The REF and OA. Whilst I may not have agreed with each opinion that was said, it was very interesting to hear other viewpoints on The REF and OA.

My opinion is that The REF is a good base for a way of universities being ranked. For both staff and research purposes, this is a good method of gaining more research which benefits those interested in the field. However, for university rankings, there are other variables that could be measured in addition. Also, I think that cutting down the amount of papers that need to be admitted to improve quality over quantity.

OA is very useful regarding students and professionals – but I think authors should be aware of the risks involved. I think that information, to a certain extent, should be available to anyone wants it. If someone wants to know more about something, why shouldn’t they be allowed? But I also think perhaps some academic works should only be available to students and academics as we are paying for these exclusives.

Further reading:


2014 REF results 


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