Project Log: 14th December 2016

For the final session of Editorial and Production in Semester 1, Andrew gave us an overview of what we have learnt during the copy-editing sessions. He revisited issues such as dealing with authors, colleagues, keeping up with deadlines and a general overview of copy editing and what the editorial team do.

This overview reinforced the roles of the editors and desk editors and how this fits into the process of book production. This session was also the compulsory copy editing test. We had the rest of the session to complete this.

The test included a few pages of an unedited book chapter in which I had to read and using my knowledge of grammar, syntax and what I have learnt during this module, I edited this thoroughly to the best of my knowledge.

Reflecting on the Editorial sessions since September, this has been a really informative and interesting insight into the different editorial roles. I have learnt so much about how different departments work together (e.g. editorial and marketing). I have found the tasks such as P&L and editing really helpful and this has built up experience and examples of skills I can  feel confident to show to future employers.

The marketing plan was also a really good practice of how this is created in a publishing house and I also feel confident about this aspect of what I have learnt from the module – I have even shown potential employers my work.

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