Project Log: 19th October 2016

For a publisher to sell a book, one must have clear understanding of the target demographic. This enables for an effective campaign so the book will hit the correct audience. The publisher must know as much as possible about the book, if it is not possible to read it, and also the author. This helps to have a selling point (USP) – especially if the author has some experience relating to the book that can help gain an audience.

Whilst having experience in sales and marketing, I know how important it is to reach your target market effectively in order to sell your product. There are multiple factors which can sell a book and the jacket is one of, if not the, most important part of the product and this can determine how the book sells.

When we pick up a book, the first thing we see is the jacket. If we like it – we then turn to read the blurb and make a decision whether we should purchase it. If we don’t like the jacket – we are not likely to even pick that book up.

This is something I already knew – that we are likely to pick up the book if we look the cover design, but to see it as a marketing strategy is a new of looking at it.

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