Project Log: 5th October 2016

Kevin Duffy, from Bluemoose Books, demonstrated to the group today how he has published books in the Independent fiction sector.

Kevin brought in books from Bluemoose to demonstrate the process from commissioning to being a tangible product. He discussed several instances of where some of Bluemoose’s publications originated from. One which particularly stood out was the commissioning of The Hardest Climb – a book seeming both unique and inspiring and is something I intend to now purchase.

Following on from last week, I feel as though I have already learnt so much about the process of making a book. This is something that I perhaps did not realise before – just how many steps and how many people are involved in creating just one book.

The role of the Commissioning Editor is essential in terms of acquiring titles and it is their job to take care of that author relationship by regularly checking in with their authors and keeping them in the loop. This is just one example of what I have learnt about what is expected in the publishing industry and how importance it is to build consistence and reliable  relationships with not only your team, but also those external such as the author.

Further reading:

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