Project Log: 28th September 2016

Today was the first session of the Editorial and Production module with Tony Mason on the MA Publishing course at UCLan.

The session went into detail but to summarise the information, a Commissioning Editor has many contacts (internal and external) and keeps a front list and back list of titles. A Commissioning Editor finds titles through pro-active (actively looking) and re-active commissioning (authors sending in material). Authors can also be found through the likes of social media, websites, conferences and recommendations.

We were given an exercise to complete in groups of four. As a team, we chose one real-life author and scenario to deal with as being a Commissioning Editor. Myself and each team member all provided input into an email in response to the situation which was a good first attempt and practice into using the skills and knowledge we have already learnt and practically applying this. This was a new experience for me and it was interesting to see just how important the author-publisher relationship is.

Today I especially took note of the necessity of always checking when titles are due and the secret behind a successful publishing company is the effectiveness of the internal relationships – editors, marketing, sales, production, finance and executives.


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